Living on $10 a Day in Vancouver


After that was the flag girl. Her and some friends went out on the streets on Mumbai. And they showed us that you can live like kings and queens for cheap in Mumbai.

Look at all that food they ate! They even had a haircut. I knew it was my turn to make a video, so here it is. All the fun you can have in one day in Vancouver for only $10. But I can play online casino Canada and win some more money, but ok … $10 =) Okay guys, so our first stop today is going to be Costco. You can find Costco located conveniently just across the street from where the Canucks play (that’s Vancouver’s hockey team).

We’ll be going there right after this… No, I’m just kidding. No we won’t. We only have $10, remember?

“Hi, can I get a hot dog?” “Thank you.” Once you’ve ordered, just go stand next to these luxurious empty ketchup boxes. And enjoy your hotdog and your root beer. For $1.60 Canadian.

If you are craving a bit of sport, a bit of activity in your trip to Vancouver. Let’s hope you held onto that crumpled up hot dog wrapper, which can be your new best friend. Okay, so by now we’ve got a full stomach. We’ve got most of our budget. And we’ve even got a Vancouver souvenir. We’re looking good.

Okay bro, now we’re going to go hack that sack over to false creek ferries! Just kidding. But we are going to false creek ferries.

On your way there, be sure to watch out for the new building being built that none of us will be able to afford. Okay… so. Up here you’ve got some dead leaves and puddles. And don’t forget that because you’re in Vancouver, by now it has started to rain.

Straight ahead we’ve got a big round thing. That’s the science museum, we can’t afford to go there either. Over there you’ve got that pointy thing. That’s a casino. It would be a pretty short video if I took you there.

Up ahead we’ve got a rare sighting in Vancouver. This is what we call the monthly breaking of the clouds. The one time in October that we will actually see blue sky. So now we’re going to go to Granville Island, which actually costs more than I thought it would.

So after that we’re going to be pretty much out of money. But uh… at least we get on the little island, right? So while you’re on the boat, be sure to check out all the condos that you cannot afford to live in. Very nice. So up on the left you can see some cute little house boats, That have all been turned into AirBnBs charging $500 a night.

Over at Granville Island you’ve got some theatres, you’ve got some breweries, you’ve got some cool restaurants. It’s just a nice little chill spot in Vancouver. You can’t even look at those buildings for less than $10, so let’s keep walking. Okay, what do we have here.

Bike Adventures? Too expensive. Blackfish Marine?

Too expensive. What’s that behind there? I don’t even know what it says, but it’s too expensive. Yacht charters… arithmetic… And if you love whales… guys, have you even been listening? It’s too expensive! But still.

This is a great chance to take in Granville Island. Experience the scents, the looks, the feelings… And imagine all the great things you could be doing, if you weren’t a broke millennial. That’s what I’m talking about. “Where are you from?” “Actually I just moved to Vancouver recently.”

“From where?” “From Winnipeg. So I’m trying to make a video about cheap, affordable things to do in Vancouver.

$2.75 for a beer…” “It is a small beer though.” “Haha, it is. Thanks.” When you take your pictures, be sure to put the camera behind the beer. So that the beer looks much bigger, than it actually is. Okay guys, we’re still here on the $10 challenge.

And we’re doing pretty good. We’ve had a Costco meal. We’ve had a ferry ride. We got a souvenir. And now we’ve got a small beer.

So that beer cost us exactly $2.75, not too bad. “Okay, one beer, how much is that?” “That’s gonna be, $2.75.”

“Okay… $2.75.” Except, tipping is expected here, guys. “$2.75… thanks.”

Another pro Vancouver tip, once you are out of money, you can go collect some cans, and you can bring those back to your local beer store. And afford to leave a tip for that beer that you just drank. Being a budget traveller in Vancouver is awesome!

Alright, we brought back 11 cans, we got $1.10. We’re doing pretty good. Well guys, they say the best things in life are free. While that’s certainly not the case with most of Vancouver, There is one free thing we can enjoy. And that is a nice sunset. Now I hope you made a lot of money from those empties, Because it’s going to be another $5.50 to get back.

As always, I’m Dan from The New Travel, and this has been the $10 Challenge in Vancouver. (bad singing) “I love this city… but no one can afford to live here!” “Alright, there you go buddy.” “That’s okay, don’t worry about it. You gotta save that money.”

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