SoCal Crowds Hit 'Lucky' Stores For $521M Mega Millions Jackpot


Recover the Nosecone That Covers the Payload During Lunch but They Were Unsuccessful. They Will Launch Another Rocket Monday in Florida. Mega Millions Fever is Growing Across Southern California.tonight Giant Jackpot Has People Snapping Up Tickets and Dreaming of Becoming More Than and a Half Billion Dollars Richer.

Progressive Jackpot Slots It’s Has Jumped to $521 Million. Lisa is Live in Hawthorne Where Their Famous for Being Lucky.we Have a Lot of Excitement Here. Take a Look at This Line! It Goes All the Way Back. It Has Been Like This Most of the Day.john, You Came From? San Francisco. Seriously! From San Francisco Because This is His Lucky Star. And Sheila is Here, Right? Yes!you Already Lucky With a Scratch.

Yes $88! The Jackpot Tonight More Than Half $1 Billion and Growing.very Excited! Because $521. Actually 521 Million!yeah. [laughter] I Am So Excited I Forgot What It Was! At the Liquor Store Where People Lined the Walls. People Are Lining Up for Their Chance to Win. Across the Southland the Excitement is Growing at the 7-11 in Chino Hills, a Riverside County Couple Won Part of a $1.6 Billion Powerball Jackpot.

People Are Hoping for the Same Like With Mega Millions.if I Can Retire, Why Not? And This Hot Three Winners. Maybe I Will Get This is Largest Jackpot in Mega Millions History and Players Know Exactly What They Will Do With the Money. Everything That I Want to Do. Share It With Other People. That We Do a Lot!this Lady Says Hold on. She is Pretty Sure She is Holding the Lucky Ticket. Do Not Give Us Her Name. She Said That We Would See It in the Paper.look Me Up if I Win. You Will Share? I Will!

Not With Everybody, Just You! Take a Look Again, This Line, People Just Want to Get in on This Mega Millions Drawing.i Mean, Half $1 Billion! You Can Do a Lot With That. If You Get Your Ticket Then You Rub This on the Bluebird, Right? I Got It Right!this is What We Need to Remember. 7:45 Pm is the Cutoff, 8:00 Pm is Withdrawing Here We Will Have More on Kcal 9 News. Is Not Your Ticket? No, This is the One That of Course I Bought for the Station That Why — I Will Share It With All of You!i Will Tell You That in My Whole Life I’ve Only Won $50 on a Scratch Off Ever!

That is More Than I Have Won! Really Pat? Absolutely! Maybe This Will Be Ours. What Do You Want Us to Say?slim Jim! A Couple of Those. Is Not With That is?

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